Friday, 29 January 2010

Winter skills, huskies, reindeer and mountain hares

Fergus and I were out today with Nottingham University Munro Pineapple Society mountaineering club for Talisman Mountaineering Activities.
A heavy snow shower shut the ski road just as were were trying to head up so we walked up from Glenmore then they opened the road again! The weather was better than we expected with surprisingly light winds in Coire na Ciste and great snow for step kicking, cutting, ice axe braking and a walk back over towards the ski road on wind scoured slopes which were good for getting used to using crampons.
In addition to all this we had the huskies racing past at Glenmore, the reindeer herd came along to have a curious look at us whilst we were step cutting and a mountain hare bounded past us on our walk back to Coire na Ciste. We walked back along the closed link road which has huge drifts at least shoulder high and also some steep and well frozen snow slopes to play with!
More snow tomorrow!


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