Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Micro navigation and cross country skiing

Today the forecast of heavy snow made us think again about our plans to climb so instead I went out to look at winter micro navigation this morning with Steve, Matt, Dan, Gareth and Chad. By lunch-time, it was snowing heavily and cars were having a bit of difficulty getting up the Glenmore Road and the snow gates at the bottom of the ski road had been closed. We hired cross country skis and picked out a route around Loch Morlich through the trees and across part of the loch itself.
Even the Loch Morlich ducks had a coating of snow!
This evening Aviemore is quite cut-off as the A9 is closed at Drumochter and Daviot so it's not possible to go north or south. The train has also been off due to the derailment at Carrbridge and then the bad weather.


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